Sunday, January 18, 2009

Application Description

splitCosts allows you to split bills or expenses between a group of people. It allows you to create different events in which bills or expenses can be added to it and at the end of the event, it will reduce the debts between people to only one or two persons owing money to each other.

Say you go in a vacation with friends and family, and you have several people paying for different bills or expenses. You can input them into splitCosts and at the end of the vacation, you just click "Settle Event" and it will display who owes money to whom.

Features in splitCosts include:

- Have multiple events at the same time (eg. a vacation, house expenses, etc)

- Unlimited number of bills per event

- Input event name, and names for people in event

- Input bill name, date of bill, person who paid the bill, people splitting the bill, amounts people in bill are splitting, and comments

- Allows you to split a bill equally between people or specify share of bill (eg. $20 bill split by 4 people, can be $5 per person or 1 person can owe $10 while the others owe only $3.33)

- Edit individual bills, events and people

- Delete individual bills, events and people

- Duplicate events and bills

- Take a picture of receipt or expense bill with the iPhone camera and it displays in the bill details page (iPhone only)

- Info pages with splitCosts description and instructions

Feedback and bugs

Please add your splitCosts comments and bugs to this post. Thanks!